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Marketing – Schedule of Activities

The First 30 Days

Before the home is listed on RMLS …..

Prepare a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA). This includes:

A. Similar properties that are currently listed in your area.

B. Similar properties that have sales pending in your area.

C. Similar properties that have sold recently in your area. Prepare Listing Agreement for RMLS. Professionally photograph the interior and exterior.

Week One …..

Accept, process and submit listing.
Enter listing and photographs into RMLS database.
Order Yard Sign with flyer box – installed within 2 days.
Produce Color Flyers for sign box and for in-home use
Prepare a “Home Book”.
Produce Electronic Flyer.

Week Two …..

E-mail flyers to top Realtors in the Portland/Vancouver Metro Area marketplace.
Schedule Broker’s Tour.
Promote listing at next sales meeting.
Advertise on:

RMLS – Windermere Web Site – – – Craigslist – Postlets

Personal Web Site
(Postlets submits to:) – Google Base – Zillow – Hotpads – Kijiji – LiveDeal – Oodle – Vast Report activity to seller.

Week Three and Four ….

Promote and hold open house.
Follow-up with agent showings.
Report activity and feedback from showings to seller.
Provide seller with first 30-day report, including summary of marketing efforts.

After the First 30 Days

Weekly ….

Follow up with prospects and agents who have seen property.
Report activity and feedback to seller.
Promote listing with other agents.
Sales meeting discussions
Be available throughout the selling process to answer any questions you may have.

Monthly ….

Review current market statistics with seller. Continue to promote property until it is sold.

Please Provide …..

Spare key to your home for the lockbox. I would prefer 2 keys, if available.
Utility bills and current property tax bill.
Copies of any recent inspections, such as roof, pest and dry rot, storage tank and sewer line
or any major repairs or updates.

Preparing Your Home “For Sale”

General Maintenance …..

Oil Squeaky doors
Tighten doorknobs
Replace burned out light bulbs
Clean and repair windows
Touch up paint Repair cracks in drywall
Repair leaking faucets and toilets

Spic and Span …..

Shampoo carpets – remove any stains
Clean tubs and showers
Clean and/or service furnace and AC
Clean fridge and stove
Clean bathrooms thoroughly

First Impressions …..

Clean and tidy entrance
Functional doorbell
Polish door hardware

Curb Appeal …..

Lawns — mow and keep mowed
Trim shrubs and edge lawn
Weed Pick-up litter
Repair gutters and eaves
Caulk & touch-up exterior paint

The Buying Atmosphere …..

Be absent during showings
Turn on all lights
Light fireplace in winter
Open drapes and blinds
Play quiet background music
Keep pets outdoors & confined

The Spacious Look …..

Store excess furniture
Clear counters and stove
Make closets neat & tidy

Sales Process:

  1. Market the home
  2. Pre-qualify the buyer
  3. Offer
  4. Earnest money (sale) agreement
  5. Inspection period
  6. Appraisal
  7. Re-inspection
  8. Loan process
  9. Sign and close

Selling a home is a complex task with many aspects, but it does not have to be mysterious or stressful. That’s where I come in. Finding the right full-service Real Estate professional, one who listens to your concerns and ensures a smooth transaction, will leave you with more energy to live your life.

Before we get started selling, we fill out the listing contract. Sales commissions are probably the most mysterious part of the initial deal. Between 5-6% total commission is considered normal and acceptable. I will be happy to explain the commission and payout further during our appointment. Less than that will give us fewer showings. The contract is for a six-month period, but my personal guarantee to you includes the ability for you to cancel our contract if you are unhappy with my performance.

We should have our greatest activity in the first month, when interest is the highest. I will also personally contact each agent who shows or previews your home for feedback. We will soon know how we compare to the “current market”.

Pre-qualify the buyer, offer, and earnest money agreement:

When we receive a written offer, it must be accompanied by a pre-approval letter from a lender stating that the prospective buyer qualifies for a loan. I will call the lender to verify that this buyer is ready to move forward. Also, the $1,000 – $5000 in earnest money is offered by the buyer to be placed into a neutral escrow account. This ensures that the buyer must follow through with their performance or lose their earnest money. We will study the earnest money (sale agreement and either accept it as is, reject it, or write a counter-offer. All details on the earnest money agreement must be precise and accurately filled in. This is a legal contract – it is my number one job to ensure that you do not sign anything that is unclear to you or that you do not understand.

Inspection period:

After a sales agreement is reached, the buyer has a 10 business-day inspection period to have your home checked for the condition of materials and systems. We will then receive an addendum either releasing the inspection contingency, or requesting repairs, or asking for a price adjustment. We will then accept the addendum as is, reject it, or write a counter-offer.


Once the inspection period is over and inspection agreements are finalized, I will coordinate with the appraiser to review the home for the lender. If additional contractors are needed I will arrange for entry to the home and keep track of the various projects that need to be done. Meanwhile, you will receive notice from the title company regarding information they need and an appointment will be made for you to sign the closing papers.


A few days before we sign final papers at the title company, a re-inspection will be done by our buyer and/or their inspector. This will ensure that agreed upon written repairs have been done by you, the seller.

Loan process and close:

Throughout this process I will be in contact with the buyer’s loan officer to be sure every thing is moving along properly. Both the buyer and seller sign papers a day or so before actual “closing”. Closing is when the loan has been funded, the money is in your account, and the keys are exchanged.

All of these events need to be monitored and kept within our sales agreement deadlines. There will generally be some glitches that can usually be worked out to everyone’s satisfaction. I will do everything within my power to keep the process on track and make it work with your best interests in mind.

Challenges of Over-Pricing Your Home:

Buyers and Agents lose interest in properties that are priced too high. To generate interest the price might have to drop below the competition after being over-priced.

Properties priced too high attract fewer buyers, showings and offers. Properties priced at market value generate more buyer interest.

When being compared to surrounding homes on the market, if yours is priced too high, that will convince buyers to make an offer on a different property.

An appraisal is required if financing property, in which case it is futile to price above the market value.

Properties left on the market for extended periods of time become “market poor”, causing people to think that there is something “wrong” with the home.

Statistics show that over-pricing lengthens market time and invariably results in a lower selling price than would have otherwise been obtained.